White marble tiles in Spain


White marble tiles in Spain

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Spain is one of the most important producers of natural marble in the world. The Spanish quarries produce a wide variety of marble in different colors, such as cream, red, brown…but, What about White marble?.


In Spain, only a quarry of white marble produces that color, the famous White Macael. So, which kind of white marble can be provided in Spain?

If we talk about cut to size areas there are a lot of imported white marbles available in slabs but if the project intends to use the marble for flooring or wall cladding in standard formats, then only some options in standard size tiles are possible: Here they are:



White Macael marble is the only white Spanish marble, quarried in the Almeria province and present in the Spanish architecture since centuries.

White Macael marble stands out for its white-grayish background of coarse grain, patterned with delicate shadows of grey and almost bluish color.  

It is a marble that has been widely used in the past, thus, the quarry layers are scarce and odd sized, so not possible to asking for a huge quantity or big dimension tiles.

Also we have to take into account that a completely uniform white color is very difficult to produce, so, we have to focus on tiles with a mixed pattern white-soft grey.


White Macael marble is also classified by grades: A First range of uniform white-soft grey background with delicate grey shadows, being a range Standard with more differences in background tone of color and a Commercial range, with presence of oxide stains.

Slabs (not big quantities and with soft grey parallel shadows) Tiles in size 60×30, 60×40, 40×40 or 30x30x2 cm (60×60 not so common).



White Ibiza is a Turkish marble, but is the most suitable option if demanded volume in standard sizes. This is a popular marble in Spain, for its big grained white-grey background with non-defined veining of smooth dark greys.

It is also graded depending the white background and presence of veining:

  • Extra range: White background with soft details in grey.
  • Type vein: White background with defined veining.
  • Type cloud: White background with grey clouds.
  • Type greyish: Soft greyish background with defined veining and clouds.

White Ibiza can be sourced in slabs and tiles from 60x60x2 cm, including sets of 1 cm thick for bathroom wall cladding.

See a nice work made in Belgium in White Ibiza marble:



The pure white marble par excellence. A completely white background with nothing else. White Thassos marble is quarried in Greece and provided in Spain in slabs and tiles 2 cm.

It has also ranged in grades, depending on the quality of the surface, but it is very difficult to show the different ranges, and in pictures all ranges seem the same

  • A1 range: Pure white background.
  • A2 range: Pure white background with faint brush strokes of grey.
  • A3 range: White background with some spots or little tarolos (scratches) covered with resin.

Available in slabs and tiles 60×60, 60×40 & 60x30x2 cm.



Its difference with other white marbles is the talk fine grain, opaque, flecked with slivers of grey-brown tiny tinges. The milky background is very homogeneous.

This Greek marble is provided in Spain in slabs and also in tiles 60×60 & 60x30x2 cm, in a standard range.



The Italian marble par excellence, White Carrara Marble varies its background from a white to grey ground color, shining grains and/or definite grey veins, which run through the stone rather irregularly. 

The different quality of this stone depends on its ground color; basically, we distinguish between these two marble types: Bianco di Carrara C (white ground color) and Bianco di Carrara CD (grayish ground color). Inside these grades we can find different patterns (Gioia, Venatino…).

Here in Spain it may be found some sets of tiles, either imported or produced from cut slabs these lasts in few amounts but interesting as are of higher range (type Gioia, trending to Statuario…).

Some projects made for Hotels can be viewed in:


All these marbles and other white luxury marbles are available in slab format, to be used in cut to size projects:


The display of the white marble tiles available can be viewed in the section:


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