Crema Marfil leather finish project

Crema Marfil leather finish project

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The perfect blend of tradition and modernity

Marble Crema Marfil has been widely used for inner flooring and wall cladding due to its exquisite appearance when polished or its warm ambience achieved when honed.

But also it can be used in other finishes that provide a turn of view on the final look. In this case we talk about the Leather finish.

This leather finish is made when the marble surface is sandblasted and after brushed, providing a soft rough surface that enhances the natural stone lines and fresh touch without losing its homogeneity and Mediterranean air.


Marble flooring in Crema Marfil leather finish becomes ideal for villas in which the light is the fare around which turns all the aesthetic idea.


The fireplace dressed with marble Crema Marfil follows this idea, with a current design shown in its straight lines and large width but embracing a space for the fire that remains the old cooking kitchens of our ancestors.

Flooring spaces

Flooring spaces with Crema Marfil tiles, using the big sizes for main areas and free length x different widths in corridors and secondary rooms for profiting the material and achieving movement on the lines.

Bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops with sink also made in same stone and down backsplash providing the idea of massive piece, as if they were carved, as we see on the old farms.

Shower & bathroom walls

For the bathroom wall cladding the combinations are different for enhancing the incoming light: Showers are made in a large cut to size piece of Crema Marfil leather but opposite wall is made in Crema Marfil only sandblasted, that catches the clarity with its whitish surface.


All exterior areas are installed with the same Crema Marfil marble but in sandblasted finish, becoming lighter in color and rustic in ambience.

In fact, this project resumes perfectly the light of the Mediterranean stones, stepping the ancient heritage of the houses up until a contemporary accent of the architecture

All this project has been made by the specialized firm Marmoles y Granitos Serrano