Gris Zarci (Crema Levante)  stone crazy paving tiles 2 cm thick. Bushammered & brushed. This finish provides a rough surface but softer to the touch. This stone is very used for outdoor paving in villas and with the broken tiles can be achieved a sense of mediterranean heritage in the style “crazy paving”.

These crazy paving are the standard size tiles that are broken when produced (not a natural flagstone). For this reason in this product you will find:

  • Big, medium & small pieces
  • Face bushammered & brushed
  • Edges:
    • Edges broken (curves, irregular, chips, straight…)
    • Edges straight (the straight edge of standard size tiles) or sharp edges
    • Edges straight but chiseled (from special edge finishes)

The price is 140 EUR/pallet EXW Alicante (Spain) (each pallet contains 30 m2). Special price for complete containers. Also available in rough finish at the price of 90 EUR/pallet.