ONYX STONE. Dreams of the Nature

The natural beauty of the Onyx stone

ONYX STONE. Dreams of the Nature

ONYX STONE. Dreams of the Nature 1960 1330 marble.marmorama.es

The stone that comes from your imagination. There are not words to describe the stunning possibilities for decoration that can be achieved in decoration purposes. The backlit changes dramatically the features of this stone, lightning the space with myriad of lines, drawings, dreamlike lunar landscapes…

Onyx is a fragile stone that needs to be reinforced and treated with the best technologies (here in Spain we count with the perfect manufacture). And its use should be fitted in decorative slabs for walls.

Time to time are discovered new quarries, or the same quarry changes its features and provides a new material. It is always a new colour or design that appears. Here below the latest colours.

Natural Onyx stone can be used for a wide variety of applications for wall decoration, countertops, furniture, stairs… adding to its natural color the backlit, which the stone will shine with all its beautiful features.